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I’ve been absent from here for a while and it’s time to pick it back up.

A Note About This Site

A few weeks ago, I considered completely moving away from and started to migrate this entire site to my own installation of WordPress hosted on an EC2 instance at Amazon. Upon further reflection, I ultimately decided to keep both sites.

When I originally setup the blog, I wanted it to reflect all of my interests (in order of importance): family, career, hobbies, and community interests including politics. I decided to separate these interests, focusing the blog here on on software engineering related content, i.e. my career, and focusing my Amazon EC2 instance of WordPress on other interests.

As a result of my decision, I will soon change the name of this blog to reflect its new focus, while the other site at  will retain the “In Search of Equilibrium” moniker. In addition, I moved all non-software engineering interest articles to and will remove them from this site.

Why so Quiet?

There are so many things I enjoy doing, its near impossible to do everything. During the gap since my last post, I focused much of my career related free time, which is not as much as I should devote, on various programming activities. I worked on quite a few things, which I plan to post more details about here in upcoming posts:

  • Launched a site for tracking mileage, something I started in earnest with Google Apps spreadsheets when we got our RV before our first big trip chronicled on this site, but moved to the new site
  • Built a simple Picture Gallery web app, which I currently only host inside the home (I open sourced it this morning at github)
  • Launched a site for goal management (which i feel is very incomplete, but my focus is on the mileage site)

The first couple items support aspects of my family’s many RV trips, which take up most of my remaining free time and lets me enjoy another favorite pastime, reading.

Now I must go work on some of those things I mentioned here…

Jeff Atwood wrote that you should cultivate your teams suggesting that the ability to execute on your idea is as or more important than the idea itself.

Today at the office, leadership shared the vision of our product roadmap. While very exciting and motivating, some of my colleagues feel the ideas are nothing new. They aren’t. Many of us have discussed the same ideas time and again over the past several years. Corporate myopia and lack of focus for the efforts of a lot of smart people prevented us from forming the right teams to execute. Now that we have support from the very highest levels in the corporation and are beginning to organize in ways to provide focus, it is time for us to execute.


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